Electricity Plays A Major And Vital Role In Each And Every Field Of Technology. Many Of The Existing Power Generating Plants Are To Be Expanded In Various Places. Hence There Will Be A Huge Demand For Electrical Diploma Holders In Power Generation Sector In The Forthcoming Years.

We have the following labs in this department

  1.  Electrical Machines – I Lab
  2.  Circuits and Machines Lab
  3.  Electrical Machines – II Lab
  4.  Electrical and Electronics Lab
  5.  Electronic Devices and Circuits Lab
  6.  Wiring and Winding Lab
  7. Digital Electronics and Microprocessor Lab
  8.  Control and Maintenance of Electrical Machines Lab
  9.  Industrial Electronics Lab

Important Theory and Practical Subjects

  1.  Special Electrical Machines
  2.  Electrical Estimation and Energy Auditing
  3.  Transducers and Signal Conditioners
  4.  Bio-Medical Instrumentation
  5.  Electrical Circuit Simulation

Department Photos & Syllabus pdf file